Mobile Veterinary Services in Toronto

Keeping your pet healthy is important to us, and we gladly bring our services to you! This service is in line with fear free methodology. Some pets experience too much stress when coming to the clinic, and may do better in their own familiar surroundings. We are able to deliver a wide range of services within the comfort of your pet’s home, such as examinations, collecting samples for analysis, vaccinations, and end of life. We perform all of these services in the most compassionate and transparent way possible, making you a part of the decision making every step of the way. 

If your pet needs to be brought into the hospital for more workup beyond the scope of your home, we will gladly transport your pet to the hospital. These additional services may include the need for x-rays, surgery, or more involved medical treatments. A house call visit takes a lot of planning, to make sure that we have brought along everything we may possibly need. Due to that, a house call visit generally costs about $150 more than a traditional visit to the vet.  Please call our office to obtain more prices for house call services.

In preparation for the home visit, we request that you keep your pet “hungry” so that we can use food rewards to help reduce stress and keep your pet appeased. We will ask for your presence during the visit as this may help reduce stress to your pet. 

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Dog laying down on a dog bed next to a stethoscope.
Vet sitting with a black cat on a bed during a housecall.